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By paying in full I understand that I have received 50% off the regular monthly price and if I cancel, any refund will be subject to a $200.00 cancellation fee.  In addition to the $200 cancellation fee, any cancellations requested after 30 days will be prorated based on the number of months that have passed.

I further understand that, as a self-directed program, it is up to me to follow the program as prescribed. If I do not follow the program as laid out it is unlikely that I will have success with the program.  



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What People Are Saying:

I definitely feel my metabolism working, it's kind of crazy- I have no cravings, but I am hungry for my meals (so I know my metabolism is burning) The program has some really amazing meals and tons of flexibility.

Lisa F

It has been very refreshing to not just be calorie obsessed and scared of food… And not having lengthy amounts of workouts or cardio to always do… the workouts are actually amazing… I also was pleasantly surprised because they really explained the WHY behind what i’m doing, which really helped.

McKayla M

... the physical changes are amazing, I feel great. but to be honest, hearing from my own friends and family talk about my newfound confidence & the happiness on my face, it’s even better. They also say I’m more fun to be around ha ha.… It's really impossible to explain how amazing that feels.

Tatum S